Draft Measurements Rundown: Larry Sanders, Paul George impress

Unless you are some sort of hybrid freak, player measurements are vital to an NBA hopeful since most NBA teams predict which position you will play in the NBA based on your height, weight, strength and length.

For some fringe athletes, measurements can make or break your draft stock, along with medical history. Just ask Paul Millsap and DeJuan Blair, who both saw their stock take a hit due to less-than-perfect measurements and medical history.

This season’s draft class is no different, so let’s take a look at some of the players that were helped and hurt by their measurements.


Workout Warriors

A few players always tend to stand out in the measurement department and in this year’s class those players are Larry Sanders and Paul George. Both were already highly considered and their measurements only helped them.

Sanders, a Serge Ibaka/Tyrus Thomsa type, is 6′9.25” without shoes and he has a ridiculous 7’5.75 wingspan. He is already a versatile forward who can do a lot of things defensively, and he should be able to adapt to the NBA game well with his height/length combo. He will be a presence on the weak side immediately, and Sanders also checked in with the best body fat percentage (4.6%) for a big man.

George checked in at a legit 6’7.75” which is awesome for teams that covet the versatile small forward. George can do a lot of things offensively and his height will only help him play both SF and SG. George also has an incredible 6’11.25” wingspan and a very impressive 5% body fat. He definitely improved his stock with his numbers. Now if George works out well with the teams, he might be a Top 10 pick.

Players Helped by their Measurements

Jerome Jordan checked in at 6’11.5” and is considered a legit 7-footer. He will definitely be drafted and teams will now grade him higher because he is over 7 feet in shoes.

Solomon Alabi is another legit 7-footer in shoes, as he also checked in with a mark of 6’11.5” without shoes and also helped himself by having only 5% body fat. The body fat number is incredible for a 7-footer, and although lacking skills and strength, Alabi will be a Top 40 pick.

Ekpe Udoh’s age might scare a few teams off as it did with Taj Gibson, but that is the player he should be compared to. Udoh is probably a better athlete, but he is almost 6’9” without shoes, and can do a lot of things on the court already. His game is mature, and so is his body, which should help him get drafted in the Top 15.

Avery Bradley’s height did not help his stock with his height (6’2”), and neither do his lack of guard skills, but his athletic ability, 6’7.25” wingspan, and defensive ability make him a first round pick.

Eric Bledsoe is a total beast of a point guard prospect. He is listed at only 6’0.25”, but he tipped the scales at 192 lbs., and has a 6’7.5” wingspan. If he works out well while playing the PG position, Bledsoe will be a first round pick.

Armon Johnson is a fringe first round talent, but is another very big point guard prospect. Johnson checked in at 6’2” and has a 6’8” wingspan. Both numbers will help Johnson come draft day.

Lance Stephenson is a monster of a shooting guard prospect, hence the nickname “Born Ready,” but he had the 12th highest body fat at 9.3%. He needs to log plenty of hours in the gym to become an legitimate player in the NBA. Stephenson’s game might take time to mature, and his ridiculous 6’10.5” wingspan definitely helps his stock.

We all know how much of a physical freak Xavier Henry is, but we can now quantify it. Henry measured in at 6’5.25” with an incredible 6’11.25” wingspan. Henry will likely be a Top 15 pick, although he did nothing but catch and shoot at KU.

Greivis Vasquez is a fringe prospect who will likely get drafted since he checked in as a 6’5” PG. The height and skills combination is very rare and he is a great example of a player whose measurements helped his stock.

Wesley Johnson will most likely be the fourth pick overall, but he came up just a little shorter than he had hoped. Although Johnson is only 6’6.25” he has a ridiculous 7’1” wingspan, which will help him get tough shots off, defend, and rebound and that is why he is regarded so highly.

Dominique Jones is another physical freak of a guard prospect as he checked in at 6’3.25” 216 lbs., with a 6’9.25” wingspan. He was considered a fringe prospect, but put up monster numbers at USF, and will most likely be a top 30 pick.

Players Hurt by their Measurements

Cole Aldrich did not do himself a favor by checking in at 6’9” without shoes. Aldrich does have an incredible 7’4.75” wingspan but teams will not like his lack of skills and height.

Kentucky big men DeMarcus Cousins and Daniel Orton finished 2nd and 4th highest, respectively, for the highest body fat, checking in at 16.4% and 13.8%, respectively. Both will be first round picks, but both have huge questions marks.

Orton also did not help himself by only measuring in at 6’8.75”. The big man was listed at 6’10” and will be close to that in shoes, but his stock would be higher if he was an inch taller, obviously. He was a center prospect but is now limited to strictly power forward duties.

Sylven Landesberg is not much of a draft prospect but it made no sense for a guard prospect to rank near Cousins, Orton, Derrick Caracter, Dexter Pittman, and Tiny Gallon in body fat percentage. Landesberg checked in at a doughy 11.6% and this Tweet might have something to do with it. He needs to stay in shape and that number did not help his stock as it shows NBA personnel how much he has been working out.

Hassan Whiteside will be a Top 15 pick but we thought he was a legitimate 7-footer, and that he is not. Whiteside is 6’10.5” without shoes, but has the longest arms in the draft at an unimaginable 7’7”. Whiteside is the biggest project big man in the draft and it is up to him to determine how good he will be.

Luke Babbitt checked in at 6’7.5” which is pretty good for the scoring forward, but he is not much of an athlete, and not very tall, meaning he is a tweener that can score and that is about it. It might be tough for Babbitt to crack a lineup next season.

Ed Davis has been known as a skinny kid his entire college career so it was shocking to see him near the top of the body fat list. He came in at 10% body fat, good for 9th most, and he also needs to improve his body immediately.

It really shocking to see some how some of these young men let their bodies go after their college season ended. It’s understandable that they are still young, but the draft hopefuls who took care of themselves (George, Sanders, Johnson) will benefit come draft day, and the ones who did not might have cost themselves millions.

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