2010 Group Mock Draft


Team Drafter Pick Explanation
WAS Joe John Wall On a tier all on his own, Wall instantly provides the Wizards with a major piece to their rebuilding puzzle and becomes the guy the team builds around heading into the future. Wall brings a rare mix of athleticism, size and playmaking ability at the point guard position that should result in several All-Star appearances.
PHI Matt Evan Turner Even with Andre Iguodala already in the Philly backcourt, Turner gives the Sixers a player who is ready to contribute right away. Clearly the 2nd best talent in the draft, Turner is the pick here even if the Sixers are exploring trade scenarios.
NJ Kristofer Derrick Favors At this point the Nets are up in the air on two players; Favors and Cousins. With Brook Lopez holding down the center position Favors can come in and focus on complimenting Lopez. He will also be backing up an All-Star PF as well.
MIN Joe DeMarcus Cousins Going with best player available instead of filling the team’s most pressing need at small forward. The Wolves could have used Wesley Johnson here, but players of Cousins’ caliber don’t come along often – especially this late in the draft. It’d be harder to find another Cousins in future drafts than another Wes Johnson.
SAC Matt Wesley Johnson Johnson and his ability to consistently knock down perimeter jump shots will give the Kings a nice compliment to Tyreke Evans and his outstanding penetration ability. The acquisition of Samuel Dalembert allows the Kings to wait on a big man.
GSW Kristofer Greg Monroe Monroe is the most polished big man in this draft, he does a little of everything. He can be a bit too passive, but playing on Golden State he will have many happy shooters to defer to. This pick gives Golden State their best front court player since Chris Webber.
DET Joe Cole Aldrich With no point guards on the board worth taking this high, Gordon and Villanueva locked up to long-term deals, and Jerebko and Daye already on board as young front court players, the Pistons will decide to address their glaring hole at center with Aldrich, who immediately addresses their rebounding and shot-blocking woes from a year ago.
LAC Matt Gordon Hayward The Clippers will opt for Hayward over guys like Paul George and Xavier Henry to fill a hole at the wing. Hayward and his high basketball IQ will fit the Clippers current roster better than George and Henry who need more shots to be effective.
UTA Kristofer Ed Davis Davis wasn’t expected to be here when Utah was on the clock, Utah grabs Davis to replenish their frontcourt. Davis is long, athletic and a very talented defender. His biggest problem was out of his hands, he had no PG to get him the ball. That will be remedied playing with Deron Williams.
IND Joe Avery Bradley Needing an athletic boost more than perhaps any other team in the league, the Pacers go with the defensive-minded combo guard out of Texas. Bradley is a superb athlete who many compare to Russell Westbrook, but he only played one year of college and may take a few years to be a key contributor.
NO Matt Al-Farouq Aminu The Hornets won’t be able to let a talent like Aminu slip past them here at 12. He can give them a nice frontcourt addition to bring off the bench providing them with high energy and superb rebounding. He may eventually serve as the replacement to David West should West choose to opt out after this coming season.
MEM Kristofer Luke Babbitt Memphis was the first team to speak highly about the gifted scorer from Nevada. Babbitt brings unique size, shooting and rebounding from either forward position. While he may not be the long term solution, Babbitt can be Rudy Gay insurance.
TOR Joe Ekpe Udoh Replacing Chris Bosh, if he does in fact leave, won’t be an easy task for the Raptors. But with a talented big like Udoh still on the board, Toronto jumps at the opportunity to get a player who can come in and contribute immediately at the power forward position. Udoh brings physicality and a NBA-ready frame.
HOU Matt Patrick Patterson What’s not to love about Patterson? He has good size, is an NBA athlete, and has a polished offensive game. Accepting a reduced role this season at Kentucky may have caused him to slip further in the draft than if he was the star at another school. Either way, the Rockets get a solid big man who is NBA ready and he may well have to be ready to contribute right away should the Rockets fail to bring back Luis Scola.
MIL Kristofer Paul George Some teams have to replace All-Stars like Lebron James and Chris Bosh, John Salmons is not cut from the same cloth but was very important to the Bucks run last season. George has great upside as a versatile wing for the Bucks to pair with their current core.
MIN Joe Hassan Whiteside How do the T-Wolves improve their defense? They deal one of their bigs and draft the premier defensive player in the draft in Whiteside. A project who is limited offensively, Whiteside’s upside is that of Marcus Camby, but he could be several years away from becoming such a player. The Wolves think the gamble is worth it.
CHI Matt Xavier Henry The Bulls plan to add a big name free agent this summer and adding a quality perimeter shooter will be important to spread the floor for Derrick Rose and whichever free agent they choose to target.
MIA Kristofer Eric Bledsoe Miami is busy trying to keep their superstar happy, bringing in a dynamic ball-handler is a good first step. As a shooting guard Wade handled the ball way too much and could use the first serviceable point guard of his career. Bledsoe can develop with Wade and play the same role he did on Kentucky.
BOS Joe James Anderson Whether Ray Allen is resigned or not, the Celtics realize he doesn’t have many great years left and find a pure-shooter in Anderson who can one day be his replacement. Anderson is known for his long-range shooting and ability to come through in the clutch, which would help him become another hometown favorite in Beantown.
SA Matt Damion James With the window closing on this Spurs roster, they will want a player who can contribute right away. James may not have a defined position but he can defend and rebound, which as we have seen recently in the NBA finals, are two very important aspects to winning in the playoffs.
OKC Kristofer Daniel Orton The Thunder made a surprise run during the 09-10 season that ended on a bad boxout leading to a tip-in lose. Orton provides a big body that can develop into a true athletic center that they desperatly need.
POR Joe Larry Sanders While Portland is incredibly deep at nearly every position, power forward remains markedly thin behind LaMarcus Aldridge. Sanders provides the Trail Blazers with another tremendously gifted athlete who can come in and play 10-15 minutes a game as a rookie behind Aldridge.
MIN Matt Kevin Seraphin The Wolves will not want to add 3 first round contracts to their payroll so a player like Seraphin allows them to stash a player overseas, which we have seen them do before with Nikola Pekovic. Last year they selected 3 point guards, this year it could be 3 big men.
ATL Kristofer Solomon Alabi Soloman Alabi is a true center who measured out as the biggest player at the Chicago Combine. He will allow Al Horford to move back to power forward and start the transition into a new era for Hawks basketball. They need a scorer on the perimeter, but Alabi has great value here.
MEM Joe Elliot Williams The Grizz tab Williams from their own backyard at the University of Memphis, adding a scorer off the bench who could become a starter at the two if O.J. Mayo is dealt any time in the near future. Williams is regarded as a Jason Terry type of player, and that’d fit in nicely on pretty much any team in the league.
OKC Matt Gani Lawal Lawal will give the Thunder a high energy guy off the bench who can really crash the boards and give the Thunder more second chance opportunities. Failure to rebound ended the Thunder’s season against LA and you can bet they won’t let a play like that happen again.
NJ Kristofer Jordan Crawford Crawford had an epic NCAA Tournament and followed that up as being one of the best players during the workouts and combine. An elite scorer with NBA range on his three point shot, that skill set is valued by any team in todays NBA. A “Ben Gordon” type player who will bring instant offense to the Nets bench.
MEM Joe Quincy Pondexter On a team that already has several scoring options, between Gay, Mayo, Gasol and Randolph, the Grizzlies are drawn to the glue-like presence that Pondexter provides at the wing. Pondexter’s athleticism is overrated, but he projects as a Cedric Ceballos-like player who thrives on quick putbacks and clutch rebounds.
ORL Matt Armon Johnson With uncertainty at the backup point guard position being one of the few holes on this Magic roster, Johnson would make a nice fit in Orlando and could provide the Magic some insurance for the often injured Jameer Nelson.
WAS Kristofer Jarvis Varnado After selecting John Wall No. 1 this pick is a throw in for the roster overhaul in Washington. Varnado brings an elite shotblocking and motor to a young team needing help in a lot of areas, this is a start.


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