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It may just be me, but it really seems like this year we are having an unusually large amount of suspensions and disciplinary actions. This season we have seen too many instances where breaking the rules seems more the norm than following them.



Kelly and Pullen made a poor decision assisting each other off the court

Kansas State has taken the long climb back up to National relevance, even to the point where they look like a Final Four team. They are lead by senior guard Jacob Pullen and a slew of athletes that make this team very formidable. When Pullen and teammate Curtis Kelly (second leading scorer behind Pullen) decided to take some favorable discounts from a local clothing store they crossed the line of being an amateur athlete. Funny thing is, if a professional athlete accepted free clothes (and they do) from a store it is a non-story.

The amateur guidelines laid forth for the student-athletes are very picky and tedious, but they are very well known. Either the NCAA needs to cool down on the athletes or maybe the athletes need to practice a golden rule taught to us all before we could even pick out an outfit for ourselves: Follow The Rules.

Amateur or Pro?

We all know the story of Turkish star Enes Kanter, we know he accepted benefits to play for a professional team, but the question was how much. Kanter’s camp says it was less than what the NCAA wants to portray it as and that leaves Kentucky without a star recruit and Kanter without basketball. It is easy to blame the kid in these situations, but how do we forget that they are 17 and 18 year old kids?

They may want to cut corners and some are clever enough to actually find those corners to cut. But in most cases it is a scheming adult who is poised and ready to pounce on a money tree in front of them, in the form of a young talented athlete.

Hometown Hinder

Sometimes the people you know are the ones who help make you, in other cases they can burn you. For talented freshman Josh Selby it turned out to be a nine game setback in what became a one game show.

Selby stayed too close to his hometown roots like a lot of kids do coming out of Baltimore and one allegiance ended up being more of a problem than he thought. His relationship with fellow Baltimore native and friend of NBA star Carmelo Anthony launched an investigation that cost him those nine games of eligibility and a large chunk of change.

Selby is back in action and stole the show in his first game off the bench. What may be the most ironic twist in all of this; early season struggles from NBA Draft favorites may have left the door open for Selby to steal the Top Pick. After missing NINE games.

More on Selby here: That Night, A Selby Bloomed

Second Thoughts

After flirting with the 2010 Draft, Mississippi State guard Dee Bost decided to return. The problem was he left his name in the Draft pool after the deadline.

Bost argued ignorance. He did not know the rule and thought he could leave his name in the pool of potential Draft candidates through the Draft. He was wrong. The NCAA questioned how Bost was able to pay for three weeks of workouts. They also pointed out the fact that Bost did not meet academic standards during the spring semester.  So he had to get his grades up before the suspension could even begin.

Lesson Not Learned


Sidney continues to make headlines off the court

Ineligible for his entire freshman year. Reinstated and played his first game on Saturday. Still out of shape and rumors of lack of immaturity. By Tuesday he had an altercation with his team and was suspended indefinitely. Might be the understatement of the year, but a lesson was not learned.

This is not new news in the life of Renardo Sidney; he has had questions of character and improper benefits since the EIGHTH grade. Then he was a big bodied, big talented basketball star that was on his way. Shoe companies, agents and anyone who could stuff cash in his pocket was there for Sidney as a 13 year old kid who should have been asking mom for money for the Ice Cream Man. Instead a false sense of monetary value and a sense of entitlement was bestowed upon Sidney before he could decide what should be right or wrong. Again, we created the problem and another kid who was never given a fighting chance is the one to suffer. Sidney could have been an All-American, an NBA player and had the talent to create his own success. Instead he is this.

Oh, Sidney is rumored to back in action soon… Lesson continues to be unlearned.

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