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Wow, the 2011 Oscars were a train wreck from a watchability standpoint. The hosts were not selling their product and the overall presentation was very poor. There were a fews highs and a lot of lows, the quality was not not what we are used to. That sounds vaguely similar to something else.

Wow, the 2011 NBA Draft Class is looking like a potential trainwreak and overall weak. Anything you compare to the 2011 Oscars or for that matter to the 2011 Draft is not a compliment, it is not meant to bring comfort.

Rule changes have effected both though. The Oscars have added more films to make it a 10 film category for Best Picture. That adds films to the list that would have never been recognized and forever would have been one of the “best films never nominated.” The NBA added the “One-and-Done Rule” that requires prospects to wait one full year after high school graduation to enter the Draft. They also have been adding teams left and right the past 20 years. That saturates the talent.

The Oscars as a whole were a trainwreak. The 2011 NBA Draft overall has the talent pool to be a potential trainwreak. The Oscars presented good films for us, saturated with 5 others that should not have been there. The 2011 Draft Class will provide good talent for us, but as a whole it is as weak as ever.

This year there are eight prospects that are worth aiming high for, maybe not the “can’t miss” prospects, but worth the Top 8 Pick. To add the suspense of theatre and have some fun…

Here are the Nominees for Best Prospect:

Best Overall Talent (The Fighter)

Kyrie Irving – Duke

Late Surge with Great Potential (Black Swan)

Perry Jones – Baylor

Early Favorite (Inception)

Harrison Barnes – North Carolina

Not Seen by Many, Very Good (Winters Bone)

Enes Kanter – Kentucky via Turkey

Came Out of Nowhere (The Kids are All Right)

Derrick Williams – Arizona

Hot Right Now, Overhyped (The Social Network)

Jared Sullinger – Ohio State

Versatile, Everyone Will Enjoy (Toys Story)

Terrence Jones – Kentucky

Undervalued, Surprise Feature (The King’s Speech)

Jonas Valanciunas – Lithuania

Kyrie Irving has been handicapped by injury causing a short season, like The Fighter was by being a sports film. Perry Jones was talked about and talked about until lately he has come on strong, much like Black Swan. Early in the year everyone thought no film could be better than Inception, same was said about Harrison Barnes. We know their names, we know that they are good, but both are not in the public eye; Enes Kanter and Winters Bone. Not much was expected of Derrick Williams and The Kids are All Right, both have been a pleasant surprise.

The hot name and popular pick today is Jared Sullinger, he is overvalued like The Social Network. The most versatile film with a diverse audience was Toys Story 3, that will be Terrence Jones. Lastly, the film that won the award and not many expected it to was The King’s Speech. It was a film with small fan fare and was well put together, we may be saying the same of Jonas Valanciunas soon.

All eight of these talented, versatile and vastly different prospects could be voted Best Prospect (No.1 overall pick) based on need and performance. Maybe this year Commisioner David Stern will announce the first eight picks and then hand the stage over to Deputy Commisioner Adam Silver. You never know, this is the NBA.

And the Best Prospect goes to…

Not Represented (The Town)

Kawhi Leonard? Jimmer Fredette? Marcus Morris? Other?

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