2010 NBA Draft Re-Do

Since we seem to live in a world where Daniel “3 and 3” Orton can be a first round pick and Ekpe Udoh is a Top 10 pick, in this year’s Draft Re-Do it was time for change. Last season not a lot of changes were needed, but this season only one player remained the same and it was time to play General Manager again.


Did you enjoy your teams’ rookies this year? Would you rather have seen someone else in their place?

Well here you go…

1.    Washington – John Wall

NOW: John Wall

In a point guard league, there is no other pick than John Wall. The Wizards needed a star, they needed a future and they needed a franchise player after continuing to fade out in the playoffs. Then the Gilbert Arenas gun issue happened, it was officially time for a rebirth in the nations capitol. With Wall the Wizards opened a new era of excitement and potential, a star had landed on their doorsteps.

There is no chance they do anything different than what history already reads. The real question is: Would they take Blake Griffin over John Wall today? You can ponder on that one while the rest of us continue on.

2.    Philadelphia – Evan Turner

NOW: DeMarcus Cousins

Turner has been a good NBA player; he plays his role and does not cause distractions to hurt the team. What the 76ers have needed for a few years is to roll the dice on a talent that can change the direction of the franchise. With Turner they did make the leap from drafting second overall to the playoffs, but he was not the difference.

With Cousins they have a pretty fearsome starting five and the bench stays nearly 100% in tact. He would not be relied on to be a first or second scoring option and could grow up with Jrue Holiday to form a very good young nucleus.

3.    New Jersey – Derrick Favors

NOW: Paul George

This may be a little high for George, but he has the ability to become a real star in this league. With George the Deron Williams trade could still happen which would put him on the Utah Jazz, but if he showed enough promise they may not feel the need to make the trade in general. Either scenerio leaves the Jazz and Nets with a future star.

4.    Minnesota – Wesley Johnson

NOW: Derrick Favors

Minnesota played it safe; they took a pretty sure prospect that became a role player. He fit the need and does what is needed. The issue though is that Johnson has less upside then 8 of the other 10 prospects taken in the Top 10! He is a “nice” fit and for what was on the board was a safe pick, but Favors provides a potential star. With Favors still on the board they have a future front court of Kevin Love and Favors, that is something opposing teams will fear in 2-3 years.

5.    Sacramento – DeMarcus Cousins

NOW: Greg Monroe

If Cousins and Monroe are both on the board today, which way does Sacramento go? Cousins has immense talent offensively and has All-Star potential at the center position. He showed flashes of dominance all throughout the season and even has a few tricks nobody expected in ball-handling and play-making. Then there is the other side of Cousins that is very immature and creates distractions on-and-off the court.

With Monroe you have the second coming of Vlade Divac, he causes no distractions plus fits well with Tyreke Evans. He does not demand many touches, but can run the offense if needed. The upside may not be on the same level as Cousins from a talent perspective, but the fit is perfect.

6.    Golden State – Ekpe Udoh

NOW: Ed Davis

No way Golden State repeats this decision, just no chance. They had options on the table of better prospects with higher ceilings and still went Udoh, they would right that wrong in a re-do. The best athletic big man available is the natural pick here, Davis had a solid rookie campaign and should have gone this high on draft night in the first place.

7.    Detroit – Greg Monroe

NOW: Patrick Patterson

If Detroit loses out Monroe then Patterson becomes the next best thing for a vertically challenged team. They really need an enforcer in the paint, but this draft was lacking in that department to begin with. Patterson provides a great team player that can do the little things the current roster does not do.

8.    LAClippers – Al-Farouq Aminu

NOW: Al-Farouq Aminu

The status quo is enough for the Clippers; Aminu could become the starting small forward or the 6th Man of this team for the next 10 years.

9.    Utah – Gordon Hayward

NOW: Evan Turner

The pick of Hayward looked a lot better for the last quarter of the season, but Turner is an upgrade to exactly what Hayward already does. Turner is a little craftier with the ball and has the ability to run the offense for a Jazz team that eventually loses its star play-maker. The duo of Deron Williams and Evan Turner could have been enough to keep both Jerry Sloan and Williams on the roster today, maybe even enough to be playing still today.

10.  Indiana – Paul George

NOW: Jordan Crawford

The Pacers may be the big losers in a re-do, Larry Bird did his homework in finding George for the 10th pick in the draft. Then again, Crawford may be an option that is an even better fit than George for the style that the Pacers play. His electric scoring ability would compliment Darren Collison, Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert (the Pacers core) well as a 6th Man. Clearly Crawford is the second coming of Jamal Crawford and has the ability to score with anyone, a commodity every NBA team covets.


Three players fell out of the Top 10 in the Re-Do.


11.    New Orleans (traded to OKC) – Cole Aldrich

NOW: Wesley Johnson

This pick does not stay in New Orleans and Oklahoma City could use another resourceful wing more than a big man who will live in the Developmental League for a few years. This has nothing to do with the Jeff Green trade, but creates for just insurance that. Johnson can shoot, score and has proved to be a serviceable defender in the NBA, all qualities valued for a young team on the verge of becoming a title contender.

12.    Memphis – Xavier Henry

NOW: Eric Bledsoe

This Memphis team has become “a team” and Henry has no fit with the current vision (or future potentially), Bledsoe does. He adds depth and a quality point guard to a team that had a large hole at that position entering the season.

13.    Toronto – Ed Davis

NOW: Larry Sanders

Toronto is a big loser in a re-draft; they lose one of the biggest steals of the draft and will settle for a future defensive force. Sanders would complement Bargnani well in the frontcourt, adding defense and toughness to a soft team.

14.    Houston – Patrick Patterson

NOW: Cole Aldrich

When you have a surplus of power forwards and your franchise center on his way out the door, you do not draft another forward. Aldrich is not the next Yao Ming, but he can platoon the position and has the potential to become a solid starter for the future.

15.    Milwaukee – Larry Sanders

NOW: Avery Bradley

Sanders was in-and-out of the Developmental League and just added to an already deep big man rotation. With Bradley the Bucks have a big guard that can run the offense off the bench and adds tremendous potential to what was once an upstart team on the rise.

16.    Minnesota (traded to Portland) – Luke Babbitt

NOW: Gordon Hayward

This pick gets traded to Portland who does not need another wing, but can use shooting more than any team in the NBA. Hayward may not be the superstar everyone wanted him to be, but nobody questions his ability to shoot the ball.

17.    Washington – Kevin Seraphin

NOW: Kevin Seraphin

They still get their man, same spot they selected him last year. Seraphin is a very athletic big man who still has a lot of room to grow offensively.

18.    Oklahoma City (traded to LAC) – Craig Brackins

NOW: Xavier Henry

The Clippers lucked into the second best point guard in the draft, with him off the board they can swing for the fences with Henry. He had zero impact as a rookie, but that will not matter as the Clippers are used to being “cursed” and are a lottery team with or without him an impact from Henry.

19.    Boston – Avery Bradley

NOW: Ekpe Udoh

Boston is an imposing team when their interior defense is too scary to go after by opposing teams, which seemed to go away this season. Udoh is not a future all-star, but can protect the paint and is smart enough to contribute from Day One.

20.  San Antonio – James Anderson

NOW: Dominique Jones

Swap one injured wing for another: Anderson can shoot and played well while healthy, but Jones has much more potential and “Spur-like” qualities.

21.  Oklahoma City (traded to New Orleans) – Craig Brackins

NOW: Landry Fields

Originally selected No.39 overall in the second round, Fields became an all-rookie performer and would mix in well with Chris Paul in New Orleans.

22.  Portland – Elliot Williams

NOW: Ben Uzoh

Defensively Uzoh was an all-rookie player this season and Williams did not ever play. With Uzoh Portland has a future back-up point guard with solid potential.

23.  Minnesota (traded to Washington) – Trevor Booker

NOW: James Anderson

With Wall already on board already the next step to creating a well balanced team is to add shooting, Anderson has that covered.

24.  Atlanta (traded to New Jersey) – Damion James

NOW: Trevor Booker

New Jersey has a center that rebounds like a guard; they could use a power forward that plays with hustle and energy every night. Booker is a better fit for a team that needs young role players to fill a depleted roster.

25.  Memphis (sold to Dallas) – Dominique Jones

NOW: Quincy Pondexter

Dallas is one of the oldest teams in the NBA and needs to begin adding quality youngsters to the roster. Pondexter has the potential to be a future starter and is an immediate contributor to a current playoff team.

26.  Oklahoma City (traded to New Orleans) – Quincy Pondexter

NOW: Samardo Samuels

Samuels was overlooked to say the least in the draft, after an impressive rookie campaign teams have taken notice.

27.  New Jersey (traded to Atlanta) – Jordan Crawford

NOW: Grievis Vasquez

Atlanta traded Mike Bibby, received Kirk Hinrich in the same trade and drafted the adequately average Jeff Teague last season. Which means Atlanta is in desperate need of a point guard. Vasquez does not have a ton of potential, but provides a much better option at point guard than the current collection of talent.

28.  Memphis – Greivis Vasquez

NOW: Elliot Williams

After getting Bledsoe earlier Memphis can add a little hometown flavor in Williams who projects as a combo guard. The young backcourt Memphis is creating is deep with potential and lockdown defensive ability.

29.  Orlando – Daniel Orton

NOW: Luke Babbitt

There was no reason then and no reason now to take the biggest project in 20 years in the first round of the draft. He clearly needs more seasoning in college and did not show anything during his first and only year. Orton should be in college today whereas a prospect with upside like Babbitt should be playing in Orlando. Babbitt fits the Orlando system and provides another shooter with range to scatter around Dwight Howard.

30.  Washington (traded to Minnesota) – Lazar Hayward

NOW: Lazar Hayward

You scratched your head at it then, do it again now. Hayward has fit in well in Minnesota and they would gladly repeat the selection.

Maybe not perfect to all, but much better than what the 30 teams combined to do last year.

What do you think?

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