2012-2013 Rookie Of The Year Race

Last Update: 04/01/2013

Final Update: 04/20/2013

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Rookie of the Month, by Month:

October/November Rookie of the Month: Damian Lillard

18.4 PPG 3.1 RPG 5.9 APG 1.38 SPG 36.8 MPG 6-10 W/L

December Rookie of the Month: Damian Lillard

18.2 PPG 3.4 RPG 6.9 APG 0.6 SPG 39.2 MPG 9-4 W/L

January Rookie of the Month: Bradley Beal

15.1 PPG 2.8 RPG 2.4 APG 0.87 SPG 32.9 MPG 7-9 W/L

February Rookie of the Month: Bradley Beal

17.5 PPG 5.3 RPG 2.3 APG 1.3 SPG 34.8 MPG 5-3 W/L

March Rookie of the Month: Damian Lillard

21.3 PPG 2.9 RPG 6.8 APG 0.7 SPG 38.4 MPG 7-9 W/L

April Rookie of the Month: Damian Lillard

19.0 PPG  2.9 RPG  6.2 APG  .89 SPG  39.8 MPG – 0-9 W/L

Updated Rookie of the Year Standings (04/19/2013):

All-Rookie First Team

Rookie of the Year: Damian Lillard – Portland Trailblazers (6th Overall)

Final Stats: 19.0 PPG 6.5 APG 3.1 RPG 42.9% FG 36.8% 3PT — 38.6 MPG 82 Starts

This was a pretty special rookie season from Lillard. He led the league in minutes played, was third in minutes per game, and was one of only 28 players to play all 82 games this year. Lillard was one of only 13 players to start all 82 games this year as well. He was used unlike any other rookie and proved sturdy, stable, and efficient all throughout the year.

Anthony Davis – New Orleans (1st Overall)

Final Stats: 13.5 PPG 8.2 RPG 1.2 SPG 1.8 BPG 51.6% FG — 28.8 MPG 60 Starts

Although he struggled with injuries, Davis had a very good first year as the first overall pick. He finished with 23 games of 10+ rebounds and 20 total double-doubles. More importantly a 6.1 win share and finished the season averaging nearly 19 PPG 19 RPG and 2 BPG. A flash of the future.

Bradley Beal – Washington (3rd Overall)

Final Stats: 13.9 PPG 3.8 RPG 2.4 APG 41.0% FG 38.6% 3PT — 31.2 MPG 46 Starts

With John Wall (25 games, 16-9 record) in the line-up Bradley Beal was a different player averaging 15.0 PPG shooting 46.8% from the field and 46.6% from three. Without Wall (31 games, 5-26 record), 13.1 PPG 36.7% from the field and 32.2% from three.

Andre Drummond – Detroit (9th Overall)

Final Stats: 7. 9 PPG 4.8 RPG 1.6 BPG 60.8% FG — 20.7 MPG 10 Starts

It was an up-and-down year for the youngest player in the rookie class, but when he had a chance to start the Pistons were 5-5 overall and Drummond averaged 10.9 PPG and 8.8 RPG.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Charlotte (2nd Overall)

Final Stats: 9.0 PPG 5.8 RPG 1.5 APG 45.8% FG 22.2% FT — 26.0 MPG 77 Starts

When the Bobcats were 7-5 early in the season MKG was a large part of that, after that he struggled with injuries and the team struggled with their talent gap.

All-Rookie Second Team

Dion Waiters – Cleveland (4th Overall)

Final Stats: 14.7 PPG 2.4 RPG 3.0 APG 41.2% FG 31.0% 3PT — 28.8 MPG 48 Starts

Alexey Shved – Minnesota (Undrafted)

Final Stats:  8.6 PPG 2.3 RPG 3.7 APG 37.2% FG 29.5% 3PT — 23.9 MPG 16 Starts

Harrison Barnes – Golden State (7th Overall)

Final Stats:  9.2 PPG 4.1 RPG 1.2 APG 43.9% FG 35.9% 3PT — 25.4 MPG 81 Starts

Tyler Zeller – Cleveland (17th Overall)

Final Stats:  7.9 PPG 5.7 RPG 1.2 APG 43.8% FG 76.4% FT 26.4 — MPG 55 Starts

Kyle Singler – Detroit (33rd Overall in 2011)

Final Stats: 8.8 PPG 4.0 RPG 0.9 APG 42.8% FG 35.0% 3PT 28.0 — MPG 74 Starts



Updated Rookie of the Year Standings (03/01/2013):

1 (NA) Damian Lillard – Portland (6th Overall) — Sure, the Blazers are not winning games as of late, but that is not due to the efforts of Lillard. Still the rookie leader in points, assists, minutes, steals, and has been one of the best all-around rookie in years.

2 (+1) Bradley Beal – Washington (3rd Overall) — The polish and skill of Beal is starting to show as the Wizards are winning and he is improving as the season progresses. There are very few things the rookie cannot do, and he is only 19 years old, great upside.

3 (+5) Dion Waiters – Cleveland (4th Overall) — From November through January Waiters shot 38.2% from the field and was being labeled a “chucker.” In the month of February without Kyrie Irving most games he has steadily increased his efficiency across the board shooting 51.4% from the field scoring the same amount of points.

4 (-2) Anthony Davis – New Orleans (1st Overall) — It was a pretty average month for the former No. 1 Overall pick as he continues to struggle with injuries and consistency. He has not shown, on a consistent basis, that he can be either an elite rebounder or defender as a rookie, but he is still a rookie.

5 (-1) Alexey Shved – Minnesota (Undrafted) — The hot start to the season has cooled down dramatically since the return of Ricky Rubio. Shved does not have the play-making options with him on the court therefore the dip in productivity.

6 (-1) Andre Drummond – Detroit (9th Overall) — Only four games played in February thanks to injury, but his performance up to this point speaks for itself.

7 (-1) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Charlotte (2nd Overall) — The culture change was short lived as the Bobcats have lost 39 of their last 45 games.

8 (-1) Harrison Barnes – Golden State (7th Overall) — He is not the focal point of the offense with Curry and Thompson getting most of the looks, but he has shot the ball well as nearly a 45-35-75 shooter all-around.

9 (+1) John Henson – Milwaukee (21st Overall) — After a great January with minutes afforded to him, Henson has dramatically fallen off. One indicator or that: Only three blocks in 11 games.

10 (Unranked) Kyle Singler – Detroit (33rd Overall in 2011) — Singler has been the glue for the progressively bad Pistons all season. He never dominates a game or jumps off of the stat-sheet, but plays well within his role.


Updated Rookie of the Year Standings (02/01/2013):

1 (NA) Damian Lillard – Portland (6th Overall) — Nothing has changed here. Lillard is still leading all rookies in points, assists, is in the playoff hunt, and is the most important player (arguably) for his team.

2 (NA) Anthony Davis – New Orleans (1st Overall) — Teams are clearly keying in on Davis on both ends of the floor therefore his production has dropped off. Davis is still playing at a high level and impacts the game beyond the statsheet. As long as he stays healthy, Davis is a force on the court for the improving Hornets.

3 (+3) Bradley Beal – Washington (3rd Overall) — The resurgence of the Wizards has been thanks to Beal’s play and the return of John Wall. They are playing great defense and Beal is showing his full arsenal on the offensive end.

4 (1-) Alexey Shved – Minnesota (Undrafted) — Due to injury Shved only played in 10 games in January, but when he came back made the same impact he has all season. The team is sliding, but that has nothing to do with the undrafted rookie’s play.

5 (NA) Andre Drummond – Detroit (9th Overall) — A month of nearly averaging a double-double including a career high 18 rebounds. In modest minutes Drummond has been a beast and is slowly developing into the teams franchise center.

6 (-2) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Charlotte (2nd Overall) — It was a down month for MKG as the team won only three games and was down to 7.1 PPG for the month. The Bobcats as a team are struggling, but that is happening in spite of the efforts of MKG and his play.

7 (NA) Harrison Barnes – Golden State (7th Overall) — As the season has progressed the play of Barnes has steadily improved while starting on a Top 10 team in the league. He is seen as more of an off-the-ball scorer, but has done more than that with some YouTube sensation style dunks and posters.

8 (NA) Dion Waiters – Cleveland (4th Overall) — Don’t look now, but Waiters shot over 40% for the first time for a full month this season while maintaining his scoring, distributing, and effectiveness. As a reserve (nine games) Waiters maximizes his value averaging nearly four full points a game more off of the bench.

9 (Unranked) Jared Sullinger – Boston (14th Overall) — There has been a lot of problems in Boston this season, but Sully is not one of them as he is producing in the paint on a consistent level in a similar role as former Celtic, Glen Davis.

10 (Unranked) John Henson – Milwaukee (21st Overall) — With the added minutes (up to 17+ a game) Henson is averaging a season high in points, rebounds, and blocks this past month. He is getting into the rotation and proving to be a force on the defensive end, and a better offensive player than he was in college.


Updated Rookie of the Year Standings (01/01/2013):

1 Damian Lillard – Portland (6th Overall) So far this season Lillard is No. 15 in scoring and No. 16 in assists in the NBA in general. He is leading all rookies in both categories while sparking the Blazers above .500 and into the Playoff Picture.

2 Anthony Davis – New Orleans (1st Overall) Since Davis has returned he is back to his season beginning form playing well on both ends of the floor. Davis will remain in the second spot all season if he stays healthy and playing at this level, but needs to elevate his team to become the Rookie of the Year.

3 Alexey Shved – Minnesota (Undrafted) The undrafted rookie has maintained his play even with the rest of the league now knowing he is more than a commodity on a good team.

4 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Charlotte (2nd Overall) Since his statement that the culture is being changes in Charlotte the team has dropped 18 out of 19 looking like the same ‘ol Bobcats.

5 Andre Drummond – Detroit (9th Overall) In smaller minutes than his counterparts, off the bench, the  Pistons are grooming their franchise big man right now. He has the talent, potential, and skill to be one of the better bigs in the league.

6 Bradley Beal – Washington (3rd Overall) We forget the NBA season is a marathon and that it sometimes takes some time to get into a rhythm, which Beal has done as of late.

7 Harrison Barnes – Golden State (7th Overall) As a scorer and shooter on the perimeter there has not been a better rookie, who has been invaluable to the Warriors, and gives them exactly what they need offensively.

8 Dion Waiters – Cleveland (4th Overall) For the most part Waiters has been a gunner all this season putting up 353 shots in 24 games while shooting 36.3% from the field.

9 Kyle Singler – Detroit (33rd Overall 2011) His production has tapered off after getting off to a hot start as a starter, but Singler has played his role very well.

10 Jonas Valanciunas – Toronto (5th Overall 2011) Solid, steady, and playing his role has been his rookie season so far. He has started all 28 games this season and has assimilated well.


Standings as of 12/01/2012:

1 Damian Lillard – Portland (6th Overall) It is becoming a trend for a rookie point guard to come in and dominate the way that Lillard has so far. The Blazers are not winning, but Lillard is first among rookies in points, assists, steals, free-throw attempts, three-point attempts, and minutes played.

2 Anthony Davis – New Orleans (1st Overall) He has only played six games, but the team was playing well with him in the line-up and Davis notched two double-doubles in those games.

3 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Charlotte (2nd Overall) The rookie is trying to change the culture and has done so to start as the Bobcats have won seven games already after winning only seven games all of last year.

4 Alexey Shved – Minnesota (Undrafted) Over the past three games Shved has become the teams go-to player in the fourth quarter on the perimeter with 24 points and 3 assists in the final period. Coming in as an undrafted free-agent allowed Shved to fly under the radar until now. Once Ricky Rubio comes back this will be a unique, deep team.

5 Andre Drummond – Detroit (9th Overall) He is raw, cannot hit the rim on free-throws, and is still coming along as a basketball player, but as an athlete alone is dominating the glass with 47 in his last five games.

6 Harrison Barnes – Golden State (7th Overall) So far he has been consistent. No great games, but not many clunkers as a starter on a playoff caliber team.

7 Dion Waiters – Cleveland (4th Overall) Since Kyrie Irving went down Waiters has been the teams offense, which has been good and bad. He is shooting the ball more up 5.3 shots per game from 13.0 to 18.3 while the team has struggled going 2-4 overall.

8 Bradley Beal – Washington (3rd Overall) On the season Beal has shot the ball over 40% from the field only five times in 14 games. He is struggling to knock down shots, but is not forcing the issue with only 10.4 shots per game.

9 Kyle Singler – Detroit (33rd Overall 2011) Since being switched into the starting line-up the Pistons are 5-4 (previously 0-8) and he is averaging 11.6 PPG 4.0 RPG 1.6 APG as a starter.

10 Jonas Valanciunas – Toronto (5th Overall 2011) Looking at his PER 36 totals Valanciunas is one of the more productive centers in the league and has played well in short minutes.


Here is the Pre-Season Rookie of the Year Race Standings:

1 Damian Lillard – Portland Trailblazers (6th Overall)

2 Anthony Davis – New Orleans Hornets (1st Overall)

3 Andre Drummond – Detroit Pistons (9th Overall)

4 Harrison Barnes – Golden State Warriors (7th Overall)

5 Bradley Beal – Washington Wizards (3rd Overall)

6 Thomas Robinson – Sacramento Kings (5th Overall)

7 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Charlotte Bobcats (2nd Overall)

8 Dion Waiters – Cleveland Cavaliers (4th Overall)

9 Jonas Valanciunas – Toronto Raptors (4th Overall 2011)

10 Jared Sullinger – Boston Celtics (21st Overall)

11 John Henson – Milwaukee Bucks (14th Overall)

12 Jae Crowder – Dallas Mavericks (33rd Overall)

13 Meyers Leonard – Portland Trailblazers (11th Overall)

14 Austin Rivers – New Orleans Hornets (10th Overall)

15 Terrence Jones – Houston Rockets (18th Overall)

16 Jeremy Lamb – Oklahoma City Thunder (12th Overall)

17 Marquis Teague – Chicago Bulls (29th Overall)

18 Tyler Zeller – Cleveland Cavaliers (17th Overall)

19 John Jenkins – Atlanta Hawks (23rd Overall)

20 Terrence Ross – Toronto Raptors (8th Overall)

21 Royce White – Houston Rockets (16th Overall)

22 Maalik Wayns – Philadelphia 76ers (Undrafted)

23 Moe Harkless – Orlando Magic (15th Overall)

24 Anthony Wroten – Memphis Grizzlies (25th Overall)

25 Perry Jones III – Oklahoma City (28th Overall)