2011 Re-Draft


Every year the NBA Draft happens and every year there is second guessing. The 2011 Draft was particularly interesting when you look at who has been successful and who has struggled.


The No. 1 pick and the No. 60 pick are both starting and playing great basketball. The back end of the first round was drafted so well that most of them could (and should) have been lottery picks.

This year we get to look at the rookies as the season ends thanks to the shortened season.

With the help of Joe Kaiser from ESPN NBA Rumor Mill this is how the 2011 NBA Draft would be re-done today. It may not be perfect, but the play speaks for itself:

1.    Cleveland (via Los Angeles Clippers) – Kyrie Irving

NOW: Kyrie Irving

Irving overshot lofty expectations as a rookie, putting up big numbers and the best shooting percentages of any first-year guard.

~Joe Kaiser

2.    Minnesota – Derrick Williams

NOW: Jonas Valanciunas

The Timberwolves do not need an immediate impact player, but rather another chip to build around Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love. Valanciunas is a legit athletic center to add to the puzzle.

3.    Utah (via New Jersey) – Enes Kanter

NOW: Klay Thompson

Might seem like a reach at No. 3, but Klay is proving himself as a big-time scorer and deadly 3-point shooter in this league, two things the Jazz could use.


4.    Cleveland – Tristan Thompson

NOW: Tristan Thompson

The best defensive big man in the rookie class goes right where he went last year.


5.    Toronto – Jonas Valanciunas

NOW: Kenneth Faried

A high-energy, rebounding force with staying power in the NBA, Faried would be a nice compliment to Andrea Bargnani in the post.


6.    Washington – Jan Vesely

NOW: Derrick Williams

The second best prospect in the class has struggled, but that is more due to the personnel in Minnesota. The Wizards need talent and players that can score the ball. Williams adds both.


7.    Charlotte (via Sacramento) – Bismack Biyombo

NOW: Brandon Knight

Knight proved he has just scratched the surface as a point guard and would bring stability to the Bobcats.


8.    Detroit – Brandon Knight

NOW: Isaiah Thomas

With Knight off the board, Detroit goes with the next best available point guard to get the versatile dynamo out of Washington.


9.    Charlotte – Kemba Walker

NOW: Enes Kanter

The team can now pair two former teammates at Kentucky (who never played a game together) and have the bookends to their starting line-up for the next 10 years.


10.  Sacramento (via Milwaukee) – Jimmer Fredette

NOW: Bismack Biyombo

The athletic, defensive-minded Biyombo is the ying to DeMarcus Cousins’ yang in the Kings’ promising young frontcourt, balancing out the makeup of the team.


11.    Golden State – Klay Thompson

NOW: Iman Shumpert

The Warriors want to shift focus to being a more defensive oriented team and Shumpert allows them to do just that.


12.    Utah – Alec Burks

NOW: Kawhi Leonard

With Thompson in the fold, the Jazz go big with their second pick and land Leonard, a versatile combo forward who can mesh well with the other front line players on the roster.


13.    Phoenix – Markieff Morris

NOW: MarShon Brooks

The Suns take the risk they should have taken back in June getting the shooting guard that will take the pressure off of Steve Nash and Grant Hill.


14.    Houston – Marcus Morris

NOW: Nikola Vucevic

The Rockets go for size and land Vucevic, an experienced 7-footer who can score, rebound and even draw defenders out to the perimeter.


15.    Indiana (Traded to San Antonio) – Kawhi Leonard

NOW: Jan Vesely

The versatile Vesely will fit in right away with the Spurs adding athleticism, youth, and energy to the team much like the original pick of Leonard did.


16.    Philadelphia – Nikola Vucevic

NOW: Markieff Morris

The 76ers bring the hometown kid home, adding a versatile big man who can eventually supplant Elton Brand at the four.


17.    New York – Iman Shumpert

NOW: Alec Burks

Burks would fit in alongside Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire as a selfless third scorer who gets his through the offense.


18.    Washington (via Atlanta) – Chris Singleton

NOW: Kemba Walker

Not necessarily its biggest need, the Wizards jump at the chance to a pure scorer like Walker, a good value at pick No. 18.


19.    Milwaukee (via Charlotte via Portland via New Orleans) – Tobias Harris

NOW: Chandler Parsons

An unexpected surprise this season has been the play of Parsons who fits in perfectly as a low-maintenance player and has the offensive skills Milwaukee is sorely missing.


20.  Minnesota (via Memphis) (Traded to Houston) – Donatas Motiejunas

NOW: Chris Singleton

The T-Wolves go with a lockdown combo forward who can instantly make the club better defensively, addressing a big need.


21.  Portland – Nolan Smith

NOW: Nikola Mirotic

This team has zero needs for 2011-2012 talent, but when you dig into the roster after this year going forward Mirotic would be a great compliment to LaMarcus Aldridge.


22.  Denver – Kenneth Faried

NOW: Jimmer Fredette

With few sure things left, the Nuggets opt for the NCAA’s top scorer and hope he can be a piece to their puzzle.


23.  Houston (via Phoenix via Orlando) (Traded to Chicago) – Nikola Mirotic

NOW: Kyle Singler

This pick is still being made for Chicago and the Bulls have depth and balance everywhere. The addition of Singler adds more toughness on the perimeter as well as shooting.


24.  Oklahoma City – Reggie Jackson

NOW: Andrew Goudelock

The Thunder target the best 3-point shooter available, and find the best in Goudelock.


25.  Boston (Traded to New Jersey) – MarShon Brooks

NOW: Marcus Morris

The team needs scorers to compliment the numerous All-Stars that will eventually be on the team when in Brooklyn.


26.  Dallas (Traded to Denver) – Jordan Hamilton

NOW: Donatas Motiejunas

The Mavericks roll the dice on a Euro big man with big upside knowing they can afford to stash him away for a few years.


27.  New Jersey (via Los Angeles Lakers) (Traded to Boston) – JaJuan Johnson

NOW: Charles Jenkins

This adds another versatile piece to the Celtics that can play both guard positions giving Doc Rivers a reason to allow a few rests for Rajon Rondo.


28.  Miami (via Chicago via Toronto) – Norris Cole

NOW: Norris Cole

No reason to change this pick. Cole has come down to earth after a hot start, but is still a very valuable point guard in the Heat system.


29.  San Antonio – Cory Joseph

NOW: Cory Joseph

It is hard to question the Spurs organization so this pick stays the same giving the team a very good point guard prospect to counter the great play of Tony Parker.


30.  Chicago – Jimmy Butler

NOW: Shelvin Mack

With the potential of injury to Derrick Rose at every turn and the uncertainty of retaining C.J. Watson a point guard is a major need for the Bulls going forward. Mack will fit in perfectly coming out of Butler and into Chicago.


Who fell out of the first round? Tobias Harris (No.19), Nolan Smith (No.21), Reggie Jackson (No.24), Jordan Hamilton (No.26), JuJuan Johnson (No.27), and Jimmy Butler (No.30) all would likely not be first round selections today.

On the other hand Shelvin Mack (No.34), Charles Jenkins (No.44), Andrew Goudelock (No.46), Kyle Singler (No.33), Chandler Parsons (No.38), and Isaiah Thomas (No.60) all overplayed expectations.

Maybe not perfect to all, but much better than what the 30 teams combined to do last year.

What do you think?

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