Dennis Schroeder

Team: Braunschweig

Birthday: 09/15/1993

NBA Position: PG

Ht: 6-2

Wt: 164.8

WSPN: 6-7.75

Reach: 8-2

Hometown: Braunschweig, Germany


Ceiling: Mike Conley Jr.

Basement: Patrick Beverley

NBA Comparison: Darrell Armstrong


  • Athletic
  • Elite Speed, Quickness
  • Court Vision
  • Good Shooter
  • Quality Ball-Handler
  • Quality Defender


  • Strength
  • Inconsistent Shooter
  • Finishing in Traffic



From the 2013 Nike Hoops Summit –

The standout star at practice all week at the Nike Hoops Summit was German point guard Dennis Schroder without question. He had a presence on and off the court that caught the eye of NBA decision-makers turning the second round prospect into a near lock for the first round.

Schroder showed a charisma and command of the court as the point guard. He dominated both sides of the ball with his elite length, athleticism, and quickness.

At the practice all the prospects were measured and Schroder was impressive at 6-2 with a wingspan of 6-7.25 giving him elite size as a point guard. In person and in shoes, Schroder did not appear to be all of 6-2, but with that wingspan he has above average size for a point guard. He is a jet with the ball on offense allowing him to create a lot of opportunities on the offensive end.

With the ball Schroder was able to get wherever he wanted to on the court. His speed is at an elite level from end-to-end and moving laterally without the ball on the defensive end.

On the offensive end the command that Schroder played with was exceptional considering his age, amount of basketball he has played, and the speed he plays with. He has the ability to get into the paint seemingly at will off of the bounce with the ability to go to either side of the basket. In the paint Schroder can be inconsistent as a finisher in the paint due to his lack of size and inability to finish above the rim.

Schroder is a great athlete, but he is not an above the rim athlete like most top level NBA point guards.

From the perimeter Schroder has proven to be a competent shooter from mid-range out to NBA three-point range, but is not consistent in that regard either. His shot has good form and quality mechanics. He gets it off quick enough to avoid the defender and get his shot off overall. That will not be where Schroder makes his living in the NBA, but is an element he will need to work on to be a well rounded point guard at the next level.

What was most impressive about Schroder from practice to the game was his ability to play with flair and flash throwing alley-oops and going for the highlight reel play to running the offensive with maturity and discipline during the game. That is a skill well beyond the years of most 20 year old point guards.

He has the poise to run a team even with the flair that he plays with, which is a product of his personality.

Schroder came up as a flamboyant skateboarder in Germany before he was “discovered” playing pick-up basketball on a public court. That has led to his style of fast paced and eccentric play on the basketball court. He has found a way at an advanced age to harness that skill that typically is a flaw for most point guards and turned it into a strength.

His imprint comes more on the defensive end as he uses his length to disrupt individual offensive players as well as the flow of the game for the opponents.

Schroder uses his length to create opportunities on the defensive end. Combine that with his elite speed and the potential for him to be an elite defender in the NBA game. The game is played at a much faster and much more athletic level in the NBA, which plays into the game of Schroder more than the typical European point guard.

With the combination of defensive instincts and elite quickness on the offensive end Schroder has the ability to be a special player in the wide open NBA game.

His shot needs improvement and to become more consistent to be considered a weapon at the next level and he needs to add considerable strength to last long-term at the next level. He has the ability to be an elite defender right away and the potential to become great floor general on the offensive end.

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