Myck Kabongo

College: Texas

Birthday: 01/12/1993

NBA Position: PG

Class: Sophomore

Ht: 6-2.75

Wt: 180.4

WSPN: 6-6.25

Reach: 8-2

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

High School: St. Benedict Prep



Basement: Frank Johnson

NBA Comparison: Keyon Dooling



  • Athletic
  • Quick, Elite Speed
  • Pure Point Guard
  • Court Vision
  • Elite Passer
  • Quality Defender


  • Strength
  • Inconsistent Shooting
  • Missed 23-Games Due To Suspension



This season will be shadowed and haunted by the unfortunate and indecent suspension that cost Myck Kabongo 74% of his sophomore season. That is not taking into account the conference and NCAA Tournaments, but his value was shown as the team has struggled playing under .500 basketball since mid-January.

Kabongo is the prototype “pure point guard” with his ability to make plays for others and run the offense. As a freshman he ran the offense to a Top 50 level in the country, this year they are 318th.

Athletically he has quality size at 6-1 180lbs, which is similar to the frame of current NBA stars Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo. From a physical standpoint Kabongo has standard size with long arms and great speed with the ball. He is one of the quicker players in the country with the ball able to change direction getting to his spot with ease. The ball seems to be on a string for Kabongo as he glides through the defense strategically to setup his teammates for easy shots.

That is where Kabongo separates himself from the pack as a lead guard. All of his efforts and movements are to get his teammates an easier look.

In transition Kabongo is able to show off his athletic abilities beating the defenders up the court to create a play for himself or others. He is capable of getting over the rim in the open court, but not in traffic due to his smaller frame and lack of upper body strength.

His lack of a touch from the perimeter hurts as the defense can sag off without the threat of a consistent jump-shot.

This season is too small of a sample size to judge his improvements as a shooter and offensive threat. Through two games he is 1-6 from three repeating his struggles from last season, but is 11-13 from the free-throw line showing an improvement there. Without the threat of scoring whether it is from three, aggressive penetration, or the mid-range defenses will be able to take away Kabongo’s play-making ability at the next level.

On the defensive end Kabongo is ahead of his peers. He has long arms, good foot speed, and the instincts to defend the position consistently. As a defender and play-maker Kabongo is a first round talent, but his lack of shooting hurts the overall presentation of his game.

Due to the suspension he is not having the year he could have, but coming back to further develop may not be on his mind because of the suspension.