Otto Porter

College: Georgetown

Birthday: 06/03/1993

NBA Position: SF

Class: Sophomore

Ht: 6-8.5

Wt: 197.6

WSPN: 7-1.5

Reach: 8-9.5

Hometown: Sikeston, MO

High School: Scott County Central


Ceiling: Nicolas Batum

Basement: James Posey

NBA Comparison:



  • Athletic,¬†Long
  • Plays Angles/Cuts At An Elite Level
  • Good Shooter
  • Good Ball-Handler
  • Good Passer
  • Quality Play-Maker
  • Active Defender


  • Strength
  • Inconsistent Three-Point Shooter



The term “five tool athlete” gets thrown around a lot for basketball players that have the ability to do more than one thing. It is more of a baseball phrase, but in this circumstance sophomore Otto Porter has the make-up of a prospect deserving of that inclination.

As a freshman Porter showed flashes of his potential before putting it all together this year.

Playing within the confines of the Georgetown offense does not allow an athlete to shine. Porter is a very good athlete with the length and frame to play the three full time at the NBA level. With his height and strong slender frame he can allude contact, but also absorb it when he takes the ball aggressively to the rim. There are very few highlight type plays that come in game from Porter, partially due to the offense, but more because his game is not defined by athleticism.

Porter works off the ball using angles, pin downs, and screens as well as any prospect in this class. He is different in the regard that he does not work off the ball to get open for three-point shots as most do. Rather his skill-set is best served in the along the baseline and to the foul-line extended.

Inside that trapezoid region Porter is very effective. On the season to date he is a 56.9% two point shooter, a 35.9% three-point shooter, and has a true shooting percentage of 59.4%.

The offense is very structured which leads to higher shooting numbers for the players on the Hoyas.

This season Porter has evolved his offense to incorporate the set three-point shot to his game coming off of his elite off-ball movement. His shot has good form and is fluid mechanically from top to bottom. As a shooter Porter gets his shot off quickly and at a height that is tough for defenders to get up to and contest. That is in large part due to his length and size on the perimeter.

On top of the threat of the three-point shot, Porter has shown more of a play-makers mentality with the ball in his hands. At the next level he will not have as much responsibility with the ball, but within the Georgetown offense he has learned the angles and lanes to pass the ball when he catches it off of a pin down or off-ball screen. More commonly it is called the “Hockey Assist,” and there are few that can execute this better than Porter.

Offensively Porter has truly evolved this season to become a more well rounded weapon and a five tool athlete. He can shoot the three, make plays with the ball, finish in the lane, and is proficient inside 15 feet as a scorer.

Everything Porter has shown on the court has NBA translatable language to it. He has the size and the skill to be a very productive three at the next level.

His athleticism and activity translates to the defensive end as well where Porter gets into passing lanes forcing turnovers. The lateral quickness he moves with allows him to jump into passing lanes for deflections and steals, as well as protecting the rim. Porter is not a shot-blocker in the purest sense, but he does have the size and length to protect the rim against smaller opponents as well as those his size.

For Porter it is not about doing one or two things at an elite level, but rather having the ability to do numerous things above average to very good. The one thing he does at an elite level — cutting off the ball — is a will and effort intangible that few have.

From his freshman to his sophomore year he has added new elements to his game while refining what he was already great at. There is still upside to tap into with Porter at the next level. With his track record of improvement and his basketball IQ the ceiling for Porter is much higher than his peers.