Phil Pressey

College: Missouri

Birthday: 02/17/1991

NBA Position: PG

Class: Junior

Ht: 5-11.5

Wt: 177

WSPN: 6-2.25

Reach: 7-8

Hometown: Dallas, TX

High School: Episcopal School of Dallas


NBA Comparison:


  • Quality Athlete
  • Quick, Elite Speed
  • High Motor
  • Pure Point Guard
  • Great Passer/Playmaker
  • Basketball IQ
  • Improved Scorer


  • Strength
  • Size
  • Inconsistent Shooter
  • Erratic Decision-Maker



While diminutive, Missouri’s Phil Pressey has the ability to make a major impact on every game he plays in, on nearly every play for 40 minutes a night. He is a different type of point guard as he goes against the grain of the scorers that are the current trend and makes plays with the pass.

Pressey is an elite play-maker with the ball in his hands. Whether it is in the open court or in the half-court he has proven the ability to make plays no matter the defensive focus.

On the offensive end he is a wizard with the ball able to get into the teeth of the defense with his crafty handle and balance. The ball appears to be on a string when Pressey is surveying the floor and he does a good job of keeping his head up while dribbling the ball. Young point guards typically dribble their heads down and create for themselves, with Pressey he is advanced like a veteran point guard with his instincts.

Typically it is the second and third year in college where a point guard begins to have these instincts to create for others.

With his size Pressey is susceptible to be moved around and bullied physically on the defensive end. He is not the biggest or the strongest point guard so Pressey has to use his savvy and basketball IQ to avoid opponents from backing him down with regularity. He is a crafty point guard on the defensive end with the speed and quick hands to create turnovers tracking ball-handlers up-court the full length of the court.

Defensively Pressey has been average at best for those reasons there and that is the biggest quandary with his potential at the next level. Can he defend NBA point guards? The tools are there and the athletic ability is evident, but his lack of size and strength could limit his ceiling at the next level.

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