Reggie Bullock

College: North Carolina

Birthday: 03/16/1991

NBA Position: SG

Class: Junior

Ht: 6-7

Wt: 199.8

WSPN: 6-8.75

Reach: 8-6

Hometown: Kinston, NC

High School: Kinston High School


Ceiling: Danny Green

Basement: Bruce Bowen

NBA Comparison: Kerry Kittles


  • Athletic, Long
  • NBA Body Frame
  • NBA 3PT Range
  • Transition Scorer
  • Quality Defender


  • Strength
  • Ball-Handling
  • Injury Prone

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Through his three years at North Carolina Reggie Bullock evolved as a player becoming one of the better two-way players in the country. He played with numerous future NBA first round picks which reduced his role. That ended up being beneficial to the progression of Bullock as a defensive stopper and spot-up shooter.

As a freshman (and as a sophomore) Bullock played with future first round picks Harrison Barnes, John Henson, Kendall Marshall, and Tyler Zeller who are all currently in the NBA.

There were few opportunities for Bullock during his first two years to showcase his offensive prowess with all of those play-makers on the court. During those first two years Bullock shot the ball 86 total times inside the three point line with 23 free-throw attempts. He was used as a floor spacer for the other play-makers. In those two years he shot the ball 35% from three in that role.

Those two years taught Bullock how to play with elite level talent and in a similar role to what he might see at the next level.

His junior year was more successful as Bullock evolved his game on the offensive end from being just a spot-up shooter to becoming a more well rounded scorer. He is not an isolation scorer that will score points consistently with the ball in his hands, but his ball skills did develop this past year. Last year 63.2% of Bullock’s offense came in transition, spotting up, and off of screens. Bullock was an efficient 1.48 points per possession and shot the ball 47% from the field in 227 possessions.

Off the ball Bullock does a good job getting open moving through screens and pin downs in the pro style offense that was run at North Carolina.

Shooting is the main staple in Bullock’s offensive arsenal as he is one of the purest shooters in the current draft class. His stroke is pure and effortless without a lot of motion from the beginning point to the release. He shoots the ball consistently with the same form. The release point is high with good arc and trajectory. The one knock on his shot is that it is not particularly quick with s slower draw. The ball gets out of his hands quickly, but the initial wind-up to the release is slow from the catch to the top of his jump.

Bullock shoots the ball well off of screens, cuts, and pin downs, but also has the size to shoot the ball off the dribble with a defender in range.

At 6-7 Bullock is above average for a shooting guard and on par to play the three at the next level. He is not long (6-8.75) based on his height, but uses his length well on both ends of the floor. Bullock is a good athlete with the ability to finish plays above the rim and in transition. He is not an explosive athlete that will make plays at the rim consistently, but is capable of finishing at the rim.

Offensively Bullock is the prototypical off the ball scorer that can space the floor for an offense with the athletic ability to score at the rim when called upon. He is exceptional in transition with his ability to fill the lane on either side to shoot or finish at the rim. His versatility as a shooter and quality athlete makes Bullock the ideal wing in transition as well. He is not a great isolation scorer or efficient in the pick-and-roll shooting 28.5% from the field in those settings with a low 0.56 PPP last year.

What separates Bullock from other prospects is the potential and ability on the defensive end of the floor.

On the defensive end Bullock does not have elite length, but his combination of size, length, and athleticism allow him to defend multiple positions on the perimeter. He could use additional strength to handle the rigors of playing in the post against more physical threes at the next level, but has the other tools to be a quality defender.

Bullock moves well laterally and tracks the ball-handler with good footwork. His instincts on the defensive end are adequate because of his experience and age. Playing in the ACC allowed Bullock to defend top tier talents over the years. Bullock has shown the capacity to get lost playing in a zone or closing out on shooters. While he is a talented defender on the ball, he will have to develop his ability to play off the ball against elite scorers at the next level.

In college Bullock played in an NBA system in a league (the ACC) that was an open, up-tempo style across the board.

He is ahead of his peers as a defender and spot-up shooter. He can score in bunches and space the floor as a shooter playing the two and the three while providing quality defense against at least two perimeter positions. Athletically, Bullock is more than a typically role player, but with his skill-set he has the potential to impact games on the defensive end like a Brice Bowen or Corey Brewer with the shooting ability of a Danny Green; in the end he could be a more complete, bigger version of Kerry Kittles.


Often players can get lost on a deep and talented team like North Carolina, but Bullock has found his way into the starting line-up. He is an elite shooter that can shoot it consistently from NBA range. On offense he primarily plays off the ball and is the floor spacer for the team, not an elite ball-handler. On defense Bullock is a terrific on ball defender with solid instincts, speed, and hands. His size is impressive and should help translate his game more at the next level.

Last season the season was cut short due to injury, but he has comeback this year playing even better with a bigger role. He is shooting the ball much better this year with more shots available to him. The rebounding numbers are up and he has played terrific defense.

With Dexter Strickland going down Bullock was inserted as a starter and has played well. He has typical shooting guard size with good athleticism. He can be an elite shooter from his position as well as a defender. North Carolina is a pro-style system with future pro’s at every position which helps Bullock translate well as a prospect.

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