Tony Snell

New Mexico junior wing Tony SnellCollege: New Mexico

Birthday: 11/10/1991

NBA Position:SF

Class: Junior

Ht: 6-7.25

Wt: 198.2

WSPN: 6-11.5

Reach: 8-9.5

Hometown: Riverside, CA

High School: Martin Luther King


Ceiling: Kendall Gill


NBA Comparison: DeMarr Johnson


  • Athletic
  • Long
  • NBA 3PT Range
  • Quality Defender
  • Play-Making


  • Strength
  • Inconsistent Motor
  • Rebounding Position



The numbers may not indicate it on a per game level, but this was a breakout season for Snell as a leader and offensive weapon.

As the season progressed Snell became the teams’ leader and go-to player on the offensive end leading a Top 20 team. He averaged 18 points per game (52.1% FG) in his final six games leading his team to a No. 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament. New Mexico was knocked out in the first round, but Snell had already come on as one of the better players in the country at that point.

He is a combo wing that can play the two or the three. With his size he fits in as a three, but could be utilized as a big two guard as well.

Snell is a very good athlete capable of making explosive plays at the rim. He has good length and size to defend three positions on the basketball court.

This season Snell did a good job improving as a ball-handler to make plays for others. That helped contribute to his increase in assists this year from 82 to 101 (+19) as a junior. He was efficient in transition with the ball in his hands making plays for others and scoring himself. As a secondary ball-handler Snell is a quality asset creating for teammates.

With play-making as a secondary skill as a wing the primary skill on the offensive end for Snell has become his ability to shoot the ball. He is not a pure shooter in the form of a Ray Allen, but a shooter nonetheless.

For his career Snell is a 38% shooter from three and a 48% shooter from two. He took more threes during his career with the Lobo’s than he did two’s over the course of three years. Because of that he was not a volume free-throw shooter playing more on the perimeter. The ration of two:three:free-throw for the wing was 304:434:201 during his career.

Snell does not initiate contact or attack the basket seeking contact as much the elite scoring wings do. He attacks the basket in general, typically finishing with a big dunk or a pass to a teammate.

Another indicator of Snell’s ability to be a secondary play-maker was his efficiency off of pick-and-rolls. That is the most used play style in the NBA and he was excellent this year as the ball-handler in pick-and-rolls. With his size, shooting ability, and athleticism Snell is a threat to score in many different ways off of a pick. His assists did not come in volume, but he made the right plays getting his teammates scoring opportunities.

Having that size to see over the top of the defense while making plays off of the pick-and-roll is skill that not many plays have outside of the point guard position.

As a shooter Snell is has a quick trigger getting the ball out of his hands almost as quickly as he catches it. The release is consistent and fluid with not a lot of wasted motion. He shot the ball well this year despite the volume and will have to get used to shooting fewer shots in a game at the next level therefore being more efficient with his shot selection.

Snell is solid off of catch-and-shoot, but is not a great isolation scorer. Most of his ball-handling is going towards the rim off of pick-and-roll.

In isolation Snell was inefficient to the tune of one made basket per four possessions this past season. Shooting off of a pick, off a catch, or coming off of a screen was where Snell was the most efficient as a shooter this year.

With his length Snell has the potential to be a very good defender at the next level. He is an above average athlete with length and improved strength over the past year. Just like on offense he is good at reading pick-and-rolls on the defensive end. The area Snell excelled in on the defensive end was in isolation situations. He uses that length to keep his man in-front of him and with good quickness and lateral movement he cut off his man with consistency.

There is room for growth on the defensive end with added strength, rebounding, and defending off the ball. He can lose his man on the defensive end off the ball through screens, pin downs, and general movement.

Overall Snell is a high reward low risk talent with his ability to shoot the ball, create off the pick-and-roll, and potential as a defender. He is a two way player which is rare and can play at least two positions on both ends of the floor.