Victor Oladipo

College: Indiana

Birthday: 05/14/1991

NBA Position: SG

Class: Junior

Ht: 6-4.25

Wt: 213.4

WSPN: 6-9.25

Reach: 8-4.5

Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD

High School: DeMartha


Ceiling: Eddie Jones

Basement: Leandro Barbosa

NBA Comparison: Hersey Hawkins



  • Athletic
  • Long
  • High Motor
  • Quality Defender
  • Active Hands
  • Rebounds Position
  • Improved Shooter
  • Slasher On Offense


  • Shooting
  • Ball-Handling
  • Turnover Prone
  • Undersized



This season it is clear that Victor Oladipo is the riser and the darling of the 2013 NBA Draft, but that does not go without saying he has stepped up his game drastically improving across the board as a basketball player.

The junior wing has taken the Nation by storm to the point some feel he is a Top 10 prospect in the 2013 Draft.

That is not a farfetched idea with the play and the progression of Oladipo from his freshman, to sophomore, and now in his junior season. Every year he steadily improved his offensive game and shooting to the point he is a legitimate threat from the three point line.

From last year to this year Oladipo is shooting nearly the exact same amount of shots from the field and from three, but bumping his percentages in both categories.

Oladipo 8.0 times per game from the field at 47.1% and this year he is shooting the ball 8.0 times a game at 63.9% overall. The improvement is not just noticeable in the statsheet, but also on the court as he more confident shooting the ball, especially on catch-and-shoot situations. For his career Oladipo was a career 56.6% shooter from a True Shooting perspective, this year he has ballooned to 70.8% to being his overall average to 60.7% career.

The efficiency comes from the offense and the basketball IQ that Oladipo plays with consistently only taking high percentage shots at or near the rim or in good spots on the perimeter.

Before his shooting numbers were increased he was primarily a slasher on the offensive end getting his points in the paint. That is still a prominent element to his overall game as Oladipo can finish strong in traffic and around the rim.

In transition Oladipo shines thanks to his ability to pressure the ball and create turnovers butting him ahead of the pack. When he fills a wing there is the threat of a spectacular finish or spacing to the three point line.

Progression is a major element of evaluating a prospect at the next level. Oladipo arguably had the biggest leap in progression for a prospect in the past 5-7 years.

Defense is where Oladipo makes his mark on the court the most. He is a tenacious defender that can guard the ball from the one to the three in college, likely only translating to the one and the two at the next level. He has very good hands, active, that allow him to force turnovers and his man to pick up the dribble prematurely.

Not many players at the NBA level are able to get 1.5 steals per game and 1.0 threes made per game. That is something that Oladipo is trending towards.


Over the past two years Oladipo has gone from a very raw athlete to an NBA prospect. His game centers on his athleticism, energy, and defense, but the offense is emerging.

Athletically Oladipo is a prototype two guard. He has good general size at 6-5 and 201 lbs. built trim and strong. Playing with great energy is the calling card of Oladipo as he never takes a play off and is relentless on both ends of the floor. He is a well conditioned athlete capable of playing major minutes. The versatility he brings due to his athleticism allows him to guard the two, one, and in some cases undersized threes.

Footwork and length make Oladipo a talented defender. He moves his feet well on defense showing good discipline staying in front of his man. He has good length (long arms) that he uses to disrupt passing lanes. Instinctively Oladipo is an advanced defender. He deflects balls in his area and anticipates offensive players well.

In two games against high scoring Tim Hardaway Jr. the defensive abilities of Oladipo were present as he held him to 2-15 shooting from three. At this point he is not a “lock-down” defender that will erase a player from the opposing team, but he is one of the better man-to-man and team defenders in the NCAA.

On the offensive end Oladipo has improved, but is far from a finished product. He was not used as a freshman very often, but he was very efficient. As a sophomore he became a major part of the offense leading to less efficiency overall. On 22 more attempts from three Oladipo only had two more makes as a sophomore. He is getting the green light and more confidence as a shooter, but the stroke is not consistent yet. He did shoot 52% from two last year which consisted of dunks, layups, and mid-range jumpers.

As a sophomore Oladipo improved as a ball-handler showing the ability to create shots for himself as well as his teammates. For the most part Oladipo is better off the ball, but he is no longer a liability as a play-maker. For his career he still has more turnovers than assists (101:120 assist-to-turnover ratios). Outside of shooting, Oladipo improved offensively across the board as a better playmaker, rebounder, and scorer.

Entering his junior year Oladipo needs to prove he is not a liability on offense as a shooter (career 24.3% from three). It is encouraging how well Oladipo has adapted to new roles while adding to his game overall. He is a hard worker and with a high motor that never stops.