The last two years have proved the value of the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Oregon as the premier tournament in the ranks of amateur basketball. It showcases the best talent coming into college head-to-head against the best in the world. NBA Draft’s have been littered with alums from the NHS and this year looks to be no different.


Check out the rosters and profiles below:

2014 Nike Hoops Summit Rosters

The United States and International rosters for the 2014 Nike Hoops Summit

Cliff Alexander Kansas 6-8 251 7-3.5 9-0
Joel Berry II North Carolina 6-0.25 185 6-3.25 7-8
James Blackmon Jr. Indiana 6-3 184 6-8.5 8-4
Stanley Johnson Arizona 6-7 237 6-11 8-7.5
Tyus Jones Duke 6-1.25 184 6-3 7-10.5
Jahlil Okafor Duke 6-10.75 272 7-5 9-2.5
Kelly Oubre Kansas 6-6.5 204 7-2 8-8
Theo Pinson North Carolina 6-6 188 6-11 8-7.5
Myles Turner Undecided 6-11.5 242 7-3.75 9-1.5
Justise Winslow Duke 6-6 222 6-10 8-7
Reid Travis Stanford 6-8 241 7-0 8-8.5  
James Metecan Birsen Turkey 6-10 223 6-10 8-9
Clint Capela Switzerland 6-11 222 7-4.5 9-2.5
Brandone Francis Dominican Republic 6-4.5 208 6-7 8-6
Damien Inglis France 6-8.5 240 7-3 8-11.5
Nikola Jokic Serbia 6-11 253 7-3 9-3
Trey Lyles Canada 6-10 250 7-3.5 8-11.5
Emmanuel Mudiay Democratic Republic of Congo 6-5 200 6-8.5 8-4
Jamal Murray Canada 6-4.5 196 6-8 8-4.5
Shang Gao China 6-7 220 6-7 8-6.5
Karl Anthony Towns Dominican Republic 7-0 248 7-3.5 9-5
Sviatoslav-Mykhailiuk Ukraine 6-6 191 6-6 TBD


Over the last two years the World Select Team defeated Team USA with skill, poise, and most important, a new-found level of athleticism that has not been seen before. The explosion of talent from just north of here in Canada has been resounding with Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph, Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins, and now many more on the horizon. On display at the Nike Hoops Summit.

A lot of these athletes are running the gauntlet of prep tournaments, state championships, and making appearances all over before landing in Portland for their final stop.

The roster balance for Team USA this year seems better with play-makers, scorers, athletes, shooters, and talented big men. In recent years the roster was littered with athletes and very little substance, but this year there is more substance. Tyus Jones and Joel Berry are both talented floor leaders that play the game with poise beyond their years. Mix in scorers and shooters like Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, James Blackmon Jr, Theo Pinson, and Justise Winslow along the wing and this is a dangerous perimeter roster.

Strength in the paint will come from the elite athletic ability of Cliff Alexander and the skill of Jahlil Okafor, Myles Turner, and Reid Travis. Okafor is arguably the best prospect in this tournament with his combination of size, skill, and potential.

On the international roster they will not be intimidated athletically with potential 2014 NBA Draft first round pick Clint Capela and future lottery talents in Myles Turner, Emmanuel Mudiay, and Jamal Murray.

This years 2012 Andrew Wiggins candidate is Murray. The Canadian wing has the size and athletic ability to be a major talent down the road, but is a few years away from draft eligibility. He has the potential to be a breakout star in this years game, but could also sit back and learn from all the other talent players around him. The World Select Team has the size and length to neutralize the athletes on Team USA and Team USA has t skill level this year to counter the continuity that the World Select Team normally has.

Reminder: The World Select Team begins practice on Monday, April 7th while Team USA comes together for the first time on Wednesday, April 9th. While each team has five scheduled practices, Team USA realistically has only four practices, two on Thursday and two on Friday. It is scheduled this way every year due to the schedules of the participants.

Here is a rundown of the coverage NDI from Portland this week including videos, interviews, podcasts, profile updates, and etc:


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Videos Playlist From Practice:


Roy Rana World Team Preview — 04/09/2014

Mike Jones Team USA Preview — 04/12/2014

Full Game:

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