Draftkings Daily Pick For March 10th

As most people know, the key to winning daily fantasy in the NBA is getting the best bang for your buck.  In the NBA this comes down to injuries and lineup changes.  So for that, you have to wait until game time and check lineups.  Our picks will be more based on the average and above average players, since they are guaranteed for the most part to be in the lineups.

High Salary

  pau_gasolPau Gasol ($8,300) vs S.A. Spurs

Most people will steer away from him, because they are facing the all mighty Spurs.  However we won’t, for the main reason that Jimmy Butler will not be playing.  When Jimmy is out of the lineup, Gasol all of a sudden has a huge increase in usage rate thus giving us a lots DF Points.

Medium Salary

4130LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE ($7,100) vs Chicago Bulls

You may consider him high salary, but either way he’s a good pick.  With Tony Parker most likely being out, his usage rate goes up a lot too, for around $7,000 that gives us huge value.  You just want to double check and make sure that Parker will not be playing.

Low Salary

mirzaMIRZA TELETOVIC ($4,600) vs Denver

He’s a pure shooter who had a bad day yesterday against the Suns.  The good news is he didn’t play for much of the 4th quarter and shooters like to get back at it the next day.  We expect him to bounce back against a team like Denver that likes to run and gun a lot.

That’s it guys, be sure to check back tomorrow for some of the best picks you can find.

Updated: March 10, 2016 — 5:58 pm

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