Josh Bright

Josh Bright — Contributing Scout

I can remember when my Junior Varsity Coach over heard me telling one of my teammates on the side line how predictable an upper class men was within his style of play and decision making (IQ)was in practice. My Coach turned around and immediately corrected me about encouragement of my teammates and said “you think your a critiquer don’t you?” He told me to be an encourager, and to not be negative within my teammates, and he was exactly right. The next day we had a game, and the same player that I was “critiquing” was making the same exact mistakes that I was mentioning in practice. When halftime came my coach put me on the spot and told me to tell my teammate what he was doing wrong, and what he should be doing instead. Afterwards I explained his mistakes and told him what he should or should not be doing. Coach said ” thank you Josh” and winked his eye at me. At that moment, I knew then I had a special gift to to critique, and analyze basketball and players.

Currently I’m an independent contractor. I work for Draft Nasty, and I do interviews, and scouting reports on draft prospects. I also work for several local high schools in my area. I break down film of the opposite team, and film on the respective team I work with (player development). I enjoy this, as it strengthens my scouting prowess and allows me to be prepared for any opportunities. Which leads to my ultimate goal as an NBA scout, video coordinator, or player development. My niche for analyzing basketball and critiquing talent, is a natural passion that comes fluent for me. Its hard to consider scouting talent a job, because I love it so much and do it, even in my “spare time”.

My vision for NDI is to simply be an asset within creativity, input, and to provide truthful analysis of draft prospects. I only report what my eyes see. Their is a big difference between “showing” potential and “having” potential. I don’t over hype potential like most NBA personnel tend to do.

I feel I’m distinguished at analyzing strengths, weaknesses, and comparisons of players, and to reiterate on comparisons, not only the way the prospect plays, but the ceiling or potential of the player. Within my experiences, viewers upon websites don’t like to read a lot of coverage. A video, or pictures and a short but potent analysis attracts viewers, so I try to concentrate on short and simple, and try to stay away from long articles or features, though I can do those as well. I feel I can exceed within making video/audio breakdowns, but I just don’t have a lot of experience in that area. My video coordinating, and coaching experience allows me to demonstrate that aspect, I just have to get more comfortable doing video. I also take pride in being the ultimate people person, and networking. With that said, doing Q &A’s and interviews with players, coaches, agents, scouts, and GM’s to retrieve the inside report is a really good strength of mine. I simply don’t meet strangers!

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