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Follow along as the NBA Draft takes place at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. This year I am tagging along with the Suns at U.S. Airways Center to track their decision on the No. 13 Pick, but will be following closing along with the entire draft as it unfolds.

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Instant Analysis
1Anthony Davis6"10.5222Fr.The clear top player in the draft will be the corner stone of the Hornets. He is an elite defender and has an offensive game that is untapped. Elite.
2Michael Kidd-Gilchrist6"7233Fr.A bit of a shock as the Charlotte Bobcats add a high motor, strong defensive wing. MKG is going to get better with time.
3Bradley Beal6"4.75202Fr.The best guard prospect at the two in years. Beal has the ability to play bigger than his listed. He will flourish in he backcourt with John Wall.
4Dion Waiters6"4221So.A reach... Maybe. Look Waiters is a very talented scorer that played a specific role on Syracuse. He is a big strong guard that can get buckets in the paint and from three.
5Thomas Robinson6"8.75244Jr.The perfect player falls right into the Kings lap. He is a dynamic athlete with some parallels to Blake Griffin, but more polished offensive at this point in their careers.
6Damian Lillard6"2.75189Jr.The Blazers add a talented pick-and-roll point guard that can score the ball. More impressively are the point guard intangibles he displayed.
7Harrison Barnes6"8228So.The Warriors add more offense in Barnes who is the best pure, all-around shooter in the draft. For a team wanting to shift to defense they do not draft like one.
8Terrence Ross6"7197So.Shooting. Ross is an elite shooter and will compliment the athleticism of DeMarr DeRozan.
9Andre Drummond6"11.75279Fr.The second best prospect in terms of potential falls to No. 9 to anchor the paint next to Greg Monroe. Defensively, Drummond is an elite high level talent.
10Austin Rivers6"5203Fr.This draft may be looked at in five years and the Hornets will have nabbed one of the best duos in the NBA. Rivers is an elite offensive player with an elite first step and NBA three-point range.
11 Meyers Leonard7"1.25250So.With Leonard on board the Blazers can move LaMarcus Aldridge to the four full time. Leonard is not fully developed in terms of strength and has lots of room to grow.
12Jeremy Lamb6"5.25179So.Kevin Martin is coming off the books soon and the addition of Lamb is going to fill that void. Lamb is a similar type player, elite off the ball and uses screens to perfection to get his shot.
13Kendall Marshall6"4.25198So.Adding a point guard of the future was a focus for the Suns. He is an elite passer and makes plays others do not see. Great vision and allows scorers to score.
14John Henson6"10.5216Jr.Another defensive chip for the Bucks in Henson that has the potential to be an elite defender as he begins to add strength.
15Moe Harkless6"8.752017Fr.This could be a steal in a few years if the team decides to move Andre Iguodala. Very athletic, smooth, and can rebound the ball great for his position.
16Royce White6"8261So.The Rockets are creating an identity with Lamb and now the versatility of point-forward Royce White. He is a ball dominant forward, but can create match-up problems.
17Tyler Zeller7"0.5247Sr.The Cavaliers jumped up here for three picks to nab Tyler Zeller. As a center Zeller is very mobile and will be a solid, but not great addition in the paint.
18Terrence Jones6"9.5252So.Well, another four for the Rockets and if I am counting correctly that is about 37. Jones is a very talented and versatile four, but replicates a lot of what the previous pick White does.
19Andrew Nicholson6"9.5234Sr.The best pure scorer at the four can now learn from or take over for Dwight Howard in Orlando. He is a smooth scorer inside and out.
20 Evan Fournier6"7204France 1992The Nuggets add another cog in the deep talent pool that they have already. He can stay another year in France or come over with a buyout. Fournier is a slasher that can get to the basket with smooth ease.
21Jared Sulinger6"9268So.The steal of the draft. Jared Sullinger gives the Celtics a high end version of what Glen Davis did a few years ago. He is a great back-to-the-basket scorer and rebounded.
22Fab Melo7"0255So.The paint was light and in need of bolstering, which is what the Celtics desperately need. Fab Melo is a good shot-blocker and a big body at 7-feet.
23John Jenkins6"4.25212Jr.The sniper of the draft lands on the Hawks in John Jenkins. Interesting fit, no matter what Jenkins is going to be one of the leagues best shooters for years. Dell Curry-esque.
24 Jared Cunningham6"5188Jr.An elite athlete and penetrates the paint. Jared Cunningham rose up the draft boards as quick as anyone and will add a level of athleticism to the aging Mavericks.
25Anthony Wroten6"6203Fr.Elite athlete, lots of potential as scoring point guard, but his biggest strength is passing. Wroten needs to carve out a niche or will be wasted talent.
26 Miles Plumlee6"11.75252Sr.With numerous higher valued prospects left on the board, the Pacers reach for a career back-up center. Plumlee has value as an athletic defender, but that is his ceiling.
27Arnett Moultrie6"10.75233Jr.The fall ends for Arnett Moultrie as he is drafted and traded to the 76ers. He is a quality athlete with some developing elements on offense.
28Perry Jones III6"11.25234So.When injury buzz surfaces a Top 10 talent falls to the defending Western Conference Champs. PJIII is a dynamic athlete with a lot of different wrinkles to his game.
29Marquis Teague6"2180Fr.The athletic Marquis Teague had a down year in most eyes, but will be able to learn under Derrick Rose. He is a talented point guard that can even play in the backcourt as Rose at times.
30Festus Ezeli6"11.5264Sr.The Warriors wanted wing help and a center getting both in the first round. Ezeli is a stout, strong defender that can lock down the paint.


Instant Analysis
31Jeffery Taylor6"7.5213Sr.Taylor is a steal, but comes onto a roster with almost no scoring punch at all. He replicates a lot of what MKG is going to provide.
32Tomas Satoransky6"7200Czech Republic 1990Satoransky is a big combo guard that can create for others, but may not be athletic enough to play either position full time.
33 Jae Crowder6"6.5241Sr.Crowder is an athlete with a relentless motor. Undersized, but plays bigger than listed.
34 Bernard James6"10230Sr.James is the story of the draft and is ready to contribute immediately on defense.
35Draymond Green6"7.5236Sr.Green slipped a little, but will provide leadership and versatility to the frontcourt.
36 Orlando Johnson6"5.25224Sr.Johnson is a big, strong scorer at the two. Older and experienced, will have an immediate impact.
37Quincy Acy6"7.75224Sr.Acy is an ELITE athlete and an energy player for defense and rebounding.
38 Quincy Miller6"10219Fr.Miller slips, but slips to a team with a lot of talent he can learn and develop around.
39Khris Middleton6"8.25216Jr.Middleton is a smooth athlete that can run a little point forward.
40 Will Barton6"6174So.Barton is a scorer that needs to add strength, but can get points efficiently.
41Tyshawn Taylor6"4177Sr.Taylor is on his way to Brooklyn to add athleticism behind Deron Williams.
42Doron Lamb6"4.75199So.Lamb is a steal as a combo guard with a lethal jumpshot.
43Mike Scott6"8.75241Sr.Scott is older for the class, but is also a high energy stretch-four that can shoot and rebound at a high rate.
44Kim English6"5.75192Sr.English is a shooter, very limited outside of the that, but an elite shooter.
45Justin Hamilton6"11.25264Jr.Hamilton is a slight unknown after leaving early, but is a quality athlete with good size.
46Darius Miller6"7.5233Sr.Miller is a good role player that can knock down the NBA three and defend strong wings.
47Kevin Murphy6"6.25194Sr.Murphy is a steal here. Great shooter, makes tough shots and could become a starter down the road.
48Kostas Papanikolaou6"8.25230Greece - 1990Papanikolaou is a talented forward that can defend multiple positions.
49Kyle O'Quinn6"10241Sr.O'Quinn add depth to the Magic frontcourt and very talented depth.
50Izzet Turkyilmaz7"1211Turkey - 1990Turkyilmaz is a lean, athletic big man, but may never play in the NBA.
51Kris Joseph6"7215Sr.Joseph is a quality wing that can hit the NBA three and defend either wing spot.
52Ognjen Kuzmic7"1231Bosnia - 1990Kuzmic has a long way to go before being an NBA player, but is a player with nice size.
53Furkan Aldemir6"9220Turkey - 1991Aldemir is an elite rebounder, but does not have interest in playing in the NBA.
54Tornike Shengelia6"9.5228INT Georgia - 1991Shengelia is a versatile forward that can play on the perimeter, very athletic.
55Darius Johnson-Odom6"3212Sr.DJO is a pitbull scorer who can hit the three, attack the rim (41 inch vertical), and play some point.
56Tomislav Zubcic6"11.25229Croatia - 1990Zubcic is a point forward that needs to add strength, but can make plays.
57Ilkan Karaman6"9236Turkey - 1991Karaman is a solid athlete that can get up and down the floor, average shooter, and long-term prospect.
58Robbie Hummel6"8.5218Sr.Hummell is a great story just to get drafted. He is a hard hat player that does the intangible things on the court.
59Marcus Denmon6"3.25188Sr.Denmon is a small scoring guard, but is fearless and can shoot it.
60Robert Sacre6"11.75263Sr.Sacre is Mr. Relevant. Good defender, athletic, strong interior player that could make the Lakers.