Spencer Dinwiddie – Player Profiles

Birthday: 04/06/1993

NBA Position: SG

Class: Junior

Ht: 6-6

Wt: 200

Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA

High School: William Howard Taft
Ceiling: Kevin Martin

Basement: Derek Anderson

NBA Comparison: Marco Belinelli



  • Athletic
  • NBA Size, Long
  • Team Oriented Play-Maker
  • Aggressive Scorer
  • Good Shooter
  • NBA 3PT Range
  • Quality Ball-Handler
  • Jumps Passing Lanes


  • Strength
  • Lacks Explosiveness
  • Passive



There are few players that have the ability to score the ball like Dinwiddie with his size, shooting, and creativity that play with control in a team setting. He is more of a throwback in terms of playing the off guard with keen play-making ability keeping his teammates involved throughout the game.

Offensively Dinwiddie does an array of things well. With the ball in his hands he is a capable ball-handler that can break down the defense attacking the rim. He is capable of moving in either direction, left or right, but is most proficient with his step to the right blowing past a defender. Athletically he is not at an elite level with burst or explosion, but is capable of getting around his defender in both isolation or pick-and-roll. As a ball-handler he keeps the ball in and low, not elite with his handle, but again, good enough to move around the average defender.

He is a better overall shooter with his feet set. With the ball Dinwiddie uses pick-and-rolls as well as angles to get to his spot and sets his feet well to get the shot off.

Off the ball he is a proficient catch-and-shoot scorer either from three or the mid-range. When he gets his feet set Dinwiddie is a consistent shooter all the way out to NBA range. He can get hot from deep and hit a few in row to create momentum and is not afraid to shoot the ball in big situations. His release is a bit slow on the way up, but the ball gets out at a high release point and out of his hands quickly. The separation he creates with the ball (and to a degree off the ball) allows him to get the ball out with a quality look nearly every time he shoots the ball.

On the defensive end Dinwiddie does a good job jumping passing lanes to create turnovers or break up possessions. He plays the ball well with solid instincts. With his size he is capable of playing off and making up with closing length to take offensive players out of their rhythm.

Athletically, Dinwiddie is capable of making explosive plays towards the rim and finish strong. In traffic he is more of a finesse finisher in traffic creating contact and getting to the line at a high rate. Last season he got to the line the 6th most for a perimeter oriented player getting 7.3 attempts per game (82.5%) scoring 39.1% of his points from the line.

Overall Dinwiddie is a team oriented play-maker that can fill it up as a shooter and scorer, but makes plays for others at a high rate. He is a two guard at the next level, but excels at using his shooting and scoring as a compliment to his play-making style. Dinwiddie plays both ends of the floor jumping passing lanes and making plays on the other end of the floor as well.

He added 15 pounds of muscle last season to get up to 200 pounds (at 6-6) and could add significant strength to his frame for the next level. His lack of consistent explosion and burst can limit his ability to make plays, but Dinwiddie has adapted to that learning how to play with pace.

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