NDI’s Letter To Readers

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This is Kristofer Habbas, Editor-in-Chief of NBA Draft Insider,

At this time NBA Draft Insider is going to be going offline for not only technical repairs, but potentially indefinitely. The site has grown exponentially over the past 4-5 years and that is because of hard work and readers like yourself looking for quality NBA Draft Coverage. The direction of the site is unclear at the moment and as soon as the technical bugs are cleared out then a decision will be made as to the long-term future of NBA Draft Insider.

There have been bugs in the WordPress back-end of NDI giving alerts of “Malicious Threats” and errors. For the safety of your computer I would advise you to limit the use of NDI until further notice.

NDI has been a solo journey for many years with some light contributions along the way. So I, personally, want to say thank you for allowing me to do what I love — scout the game of basketball.

Thank You,

Kristofer Habbas

krishabbas@nbadraftinsider.com (For questions or inquiries)