Key parameters of basketball betting in America and Europe

With the naked eye, you can see, watching the matches, that basketball in Europe and in the United States is quite different from each other. The majority of basketball fans’ attention is focused on the seasons of games such as the NBA and Euroleague. They are two of the most prestigious club tournaments.

Two main leagues in basketball

The main attention of basketball fans is focused on the NBA and the Euroleague – two of the most prestigious club competitions. The difference between them can be noticeable from the very beginning, when you look at the rules – NBA tournament matches have a duration of as much as 8 minutes longer, which for the Euroleague can be regarded as a whole extra quarter. Moreover, there is a difference in visuals – the playing field in the NBA is slightly larger: 29 by 16 meters, in contrast to the size of the field in Europe – 28 by 15.

Useful NBA betting tips

In the USA, they play a completely different kind of basketball – they call it more rhythmic and dynamic. It will not surprise anyone here if a player throws the ball in the fifth second of possession in an unprepared position. It is for this reason that the style of play of the NBA team has a huge influence on betting strategy here.
On average, more than 4 points can fly into the ring per minute, and teams manage to carry out 3-4 very effective offensives in one minute. Based on this fact, you can safely bet that any team can break the total of 100 points.
Moreover, if in the Euroleague the main number of bets is made on the game through forwards, who actually push the ball into the ring, then in the NBA many shots are made from beyond the arc.

Interest in Euroleague betting

Unlike the dynamism of the game in the NBA, the Euroleague matches are much more relaxed, and all teams usually use all the seconds allotted to them for the offensive. Moreover, Europe does not devote so much attention to the placement of roles on the playground. Each team player has the opportunity to take on the role of a leader in any situation.
There is a strong emphasis on player performance in the NBA. In contrast to them, the Euroleague does not show such a feature, and here the team leader usually gains no more than 30 percent of the total number of performances of the entire team.

Common features of the two competitions

A fair expression for both basketball formats is that in both the NBA and the Euroleague, the most productive half of the match is the second. This is a completely logical fact, since in the first half of the game, the players and teams are only warming up along the way, getting used to the ring, and only by the middle of the meeting and in its second half, they start to fall into the ring, demonstrating the best percentage of realization. Moreover, by the middle of the game, the very dynamics of the game increases, the outsider tries to recoup and come out ahead, and therefore short attacks are used. The favorite also does not hesitate, trying to maintain its position. The tactic of fouls in the last minutes of a basketball game is very common. After short attacks, the basketball player has the opportunity to score an easy two points for their team.

Assess everything when choosing an approach

Looking at our analysis, you could see that although these styles have something in common, each of the formats is still unique, and this uniqueness should be used in the process of choosing a betting strategy for them. But do not forget that essential common features can also be used effectively.