Key points of basketball playoff betting

The main question in this situation is what must be taken into account in order to optimally make the best bets on the finals of the most famous basketball competitions?

What exactly is the basketball playoffs?

In principle, as in any sport on earth, and in basketball, the finals are the decisive stage of the tournament. As a rule, it follows the round-robin championship, in which basketball teams play elimination matches according to the Olympic system. The team that won the exact number of matches goes to the next stage, in the finals, up to the final, and the losing crew completely stops its performances in this tournament and leaves it.

National Basketball Association and playoff betting

It will not be a secret for anyone that it was the NBA that brought together the best basketball players in the world, and that is why the NBA finals are the most exciting and spectacular event in which it becomes hot not only for basketball players, but also for fans and bettors. What are the key features of this stage of the NBA for betting?

Both finalists will take at least one match

Before the final of the tournament, in which each round consists of a series, in which there can be up to 4 victories, a team cannot accidentally get into this final, since this is where the best teams from each group of the conference go. Usually this stage includes 4-6 matches and turns out to be hot. From 1999 to the present day, there have been only three cases when the score of the match was recorded 4:0. If one of the participating teams is playing on a foreign field, not at home and is leading with a score of 3:0, we can safely speak about the victory of this team, and moreover, without any doubt, bet on such a victory in the fourth match – it would definitely play.

Euroleague playoffs and bets on it

Since the Euroleague is ranked as the best tournament among the teams of the Old World, it is undoubted that the finals in the Euroleague have their own characteristics and traits necessary for betting. In the Euroleague, at the beginning there is one round of games called “Eliminated”, after which the “Final 4” will take place.

The first half of the table beats the second in the playoffs

This thesis is of great importance in the Euroleague. Starting in 2016, a new format was introduced in the Euroleague, in which cross-matches were canceled and the Top 16 stage was abolished. Already now, the basketball team that has the advantage on its own court would automatically advance to the Final 4 stage in the overwhelming majority of cases. It is interesting that in 3 seasons only three basketball teams managed to knock the opponent out of the game and thus get into the “Final 4”.

The result with a score of 3:00 is a rare found

It is imperative that even the very last outsider of the standings, who can take advantage of his home court, can win at least once. Based on this fact, with a score of 2:0 after the starting matches, one can easily count on the fact that the same third match would remain as the asset of the inferior team. This feature can be used to advantage for betting.

Playoffs are a great opportunity to earn

Since the finals in basketball are very focused on the characteristics of each league, this fact can be very well used when analyzing strategies and approaches to betting on it. Particular attention should be paid to all of the above patterns, and then you will definitely be able to conclude a winning pair and will not run into a big risk.