Current NCAA basketball season – briefly about

Basketball fascinates millions of fans all around the world. To dig into the case the best option is to track matches of different leagues and tournaments, the Olympic meetings may be useful too.
Among the well-known leagues is the one organized with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
This NCAA basketball season has already thrilled us, and it’s only been three weeks. We’ve seen unexpected victories and we’ve seen extraordinary performances from players all over the country. It’s still only November on the calendar, although we’ve already seen some great matches in these early season holiday tournaments, especially last week. Lots of unexpected appearances and dramatic performances were noticed. There is no wonder why all the glove was glued to broadcasting.
However, the coming days and weeks should bring even more intrigue.
There have been many changes among the top teams in the country in almost three weeks, which means there have also been many changes in the top 25 rankings, states in .
If focusing more attention on the current state of affairs, it can be added that this week, 31 teams were eligible, with St. Bonaventure, Indiana and Colorado State out. What is going to be next? Let’s keep an eye on things, the following events promise to be mind blowing.

Source: Fansided